Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IS_NOT_EQUAL, expecting ')'

I went into my Wordpress theme’s epanel folder last night in the built in Editor and tried to remove the Author/date area but all I got was an error message and now I can’t access my site. Here is where it’s saying the problem is in the top couple of lines:

array( “type” => “clearfix”,),

	array( "name" => "Place Thumbs on Single Gallery Post",
               "id" => $shortname."_gallery_thumbnails",
               "type" => "checkbox",
               "std" => "on",
               "desc" => "By default thumbnails are placed at the beginning of your post on single post pages. If you would like to remove this initial thumbnail image to avoid repetition simply disable this option. "),

There’s nothing wrong with the code you posted, you will have to post the full block

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