Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' [closed]

Hi! I have a wordpress its that has been down for several weeks now:(
It looks like the big problem is this parsing error:
Parse error** : syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in (series of directories) and then/wp-content/themes/OLD_Divi/includes/builder/core.php** line **5662

I’m attaching image of context of line 5662. What am I missing on line 5662:
static $should_wrap_selectors = ;


Thank you so much for any help anyone can give me!!

You could use a default value there, looks like it should be an array

Thank you so much! I hadn’t realized you had answered. I have no idea what you’re saying sorry. What default value can I use as an array?..

The site is still down and I’m really panicking. I am not a programmer.

Add this after the equals on that line
[ ]

Should look like = [ ];

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