parse error ... on line 150

I am sure it is somthing simple that I am just overlooking. I am getting a phase error at line 150. I know this is alot of code, but I posted the entire if statment to be sure, but the code posted starts at line 83 and ends with line 151.

if ($FormType == “Purchase”)
echo "

$i. What type of Loan are you looking for?

Non Conf

echo "
$i. What Loan Term are you looking for?
Years15 YearsYears
echo "
$i. What Type of Rate are you looking

echo "
$i. Are you currently under contract to purchase your

Closing Date:

Purchase Price: $

Down Payment:

echo "
$i. What is the location of the property? Street Address: City, State, Zip: "; $i=$i+1;
echo "
<tr align='center' valign='middle' bgcolor='#999999'>
  <td align='left'><b>$i. What is the Realtor's information.</b></td>
  <td><input type='checkbox' name='FPurRealtor' value='2'>No Realtor </td>
  <td><b>Name:</b> <input type='text' name='FPurRealtorName' size='20'><br>
	<b>Phone:</b> <input type='text' name='FPurRealtorPhone' size='20'></td>



Do you have lots of other code? If the parse error is pointing to your very last line of code, then chances are its a missing brace. Check to make sure all your opening and closing braces are in place.


Thanks, I tried that already though. I even printed it out and used a highlighter to ensure that they were all closed. There is more code after that. It is 524 lines. So somthing tells me that it is around the line indicated, but I can’t find it. At first I thought I just used a " in one of the echo statments, but couldn’t find that either.

Could it be the apostrophe in “Realtor’s”?

Didn’t think it would make a diffrence, but I tried it anyway. Didn’t help. Same error same line. Thanks

Well I have copied and pasted your if statement and uploaded it my own server and no parse error is shown. So, its a problem with another part of your code.

Well I would hate to paste the whole code, becouse it is long, but If I do would you mind looking at it?

Thanks, but I found it. I knew it was somthing stupid. About two more lines down I was missing an echo statment. Just started right up with the html tags.

Thanks again

Glad you found the problem. :)

hehe that is something that gets me sometimes… as well as forgettnig "; or another one of my big ones is forgetting the ending bracket ] in variables that have been split into arrays… :-)

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