Paging Through Lots of Rows

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or example that explains writing script for paging through rows of data. I have been looking around for this and have not been able to find alot of info.


these are some very good php tutorials. they have one in there that might relate to what you’re asking about:

Unfortunately that tutorial stops at LIMIT 30 but your right about there being some great tutorials.


This program writes really slick colored table output. I just need $ 80.00 to get the version I need. I have been studying the out put files and it appears that their dividing the rows by the per page qty you want to display and writing all the pages ie 0 to 9 next page 10 to 19. I still wanna learn how to do this !

Anybody else ! ! ! !

wait, are you trying to do a thing where it outputs 10 rows per page, and has next and previous buttons? by freak coincidence, i just completed a script that does the same thing. check out an example of it at … pe=a&id=10
This page prolly won’t have more than 10 comments, but the previous/next thing does work.

enjoi, and send me another message if you guys want to know about it.

It’s just an inventory output here is the while loop

while ($i < $num) {

oops left out the ++i but it displays 750 rows. Well I said I was a beginner.
Hey John that link gives me a forbidden error but Yeah I think thats exactly what I am talking about.

There are some useful tutorials at PHP For pagination, check this one out:


I must admit I was pretty excited when I got home from my ten hours of bookkeeping my regular job and got to take a look at the phpfreak tutorial link. I read through it and it seemed to make sense. I did the copy, paste, save, filled in the connect and database and table and a bunch of n’s printed out at the top then some data. So I took the n between the

n out and got the 10 limit set !!! Ah !! But then the links at the bottom and the $PHP_SELF part and the 25 other frustrated people under the tutorial all complaining about the same thing I was finding.
Does anyone ever explain the bottom ???

Thanks ? I guess I’ll go looking for another one. in the tutorials/database section
“PHP - Previous and Next Links”

Don’t know if this is relevant or not but… in the tutorials/basics section
“Sorting Database Results with PHP”

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