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I have installed a script (3rd party one but their support forum offline) and the webpage is just showing “Please read install.txt - C”

I have searched high and low, but can not find this .txt file.

If anyone can shed any light on this, i would be most grateful.

Please be clear in answer as it is my first manual installation :oops:

please give us some more information, at least tell us what script u are talking about.

Sorry about that…

I am attempting to install the script “opendomains” for to do some experiments with a server i purchased.
All the files and folders are inside my db.
The attempted install is on a commercial server, and not my own.

I presume you downloaded the script from somewhere? If that’s so, try to find the ‘install.txt’ in the package (zipfile?) that you downloaded. If there is no such thing, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to go into the code and figure things out for yourself (and that’s the reason we don’t support 3rd-party scripts :wink:

Many thanks for the advice, however i have solved the problem.

Although the browser says “Read install.txt” the instructions are downloadable separate outside the .zip and they are named “readme.html”

No wonder i could not find them!! :o

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