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My application is printing paychecks. Users enter their payroll info (hours, commissions etc.) on my web page then after processing the data, I need to print paychecks (each person on a separate page). Is there an easy way to do this without conversion to pdf or being prompted for choice of printers etc.? As usual any help is appreciated.

not that i know of.

if ur printer is conected to the server u may have a look at the printer-functions (windows-only)
or on a *nix server use exec to access comment-line printing tools.

but on the client machine u can’t pass by printer-selection (as far as i know), and have to format the output for the printer (css or pdf).

Printer is connected to a client not the server. Thanks!

This was actually a down fall of one project I was working on awhile back. I had to by pass the printer selection screen. Called microsoft to find out what I can do as that is something that is built into the OS. They pretty much said unless you building your own Windows application there is no way to by pass that.

Server-Side however, now that I have no clue on.

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