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Hi all- first post, forgive me if this is in the wrong place, as it’s not exactly a “new topic”… I have a frustrating code issue in a school assignment. I can’t find a minor bug. From the Ch. 3 assignment which this one is based on:

The page provided by software-order.html should ask the user for the number of copies and the required operating system. These inputs will be submitted to software-order.php for processing. This program should calculate: the subtotal for the order (each copy sells for 35.00); a 7% tax (which is 0.07 times the subtotal); the shipping and handling charge, which is 1.25 for each copy; and the total cost (the subtotal plus the shipping/ handling charge plus the tax). The program should display the operating system, the number of copies ordered, the sub-total, the tax, the shipping/ handling, and the total cost. For example if the user inputs 5 copies, the subtotal will be 5 * 35.00 = 175.00, the tax will be 12.25, the shipping/ handling will be 6.25, and the total cost will be 193.50.

Here’s my php code:

$os = $_POST['os'];

$numCopies = $_POST['numCopies'];

$cost = 35.00;

$subtotal = $numCopies * $cost;

**$tax = $subtotal * 0.07**;

$shippingAndHandling = $numCopies * 1.25;

$totalCost = $subtotal + $tax = $shippingAndHandling;

print("<p>You ordered $numCopies copies of SaveTheWorld for $os at $$cost each.</p>");

print("<p>Subtotal: $$subtotal</p>");

print("<p>Tax: $$tax</p>");

print("<p>Shipping and Handling: $$shippingAndHandling</p>");

print("<p>Total: $$totalCost</p>");

But, my output result is:

Your Order

You ordered 5 copies of SaveTheWorld for Linux at $35 each.

Subtotal: $175

Tax: $6.25 <–???

Shipping and Handling: $6.25

Total: $181.25 <–???

The tax, and therefore the total, is coming out wrong. The directions say “7% tax (which is 0.07 times the subtotal)” and “the subtotal will be 5 * 35.00 = 175.00, the tax will be 12.25” (which checks out by calculator), and my code says:

$numCopies = $_POST['numCopies'];

$cost = 35.00;

$subtotal = $numCopies * $cost;

$tax = $subtotal * 0.07;

I can’t figure out how my tax is coming out at 6.25 instead of 12.25, nor why the total is off by only a $6 difference. I googled how to solve for X on a scientific calculator (not the Windows 10 calc, that thing is no help), and for 175*x=12.25, I got x=0.07. Please help!

Thanks, -Tim

I didn’t put all the weird spacing in the print statements; it happened when posting it. :man_shrugging:

That’s because the forum software treats some html markup as formatting information. You can post code using bbocode [code][/code] tags or markdown. I have added bbocde tags to your first post.

Thanks! I found the issue just a few minutes ago- I have a = where I need a +. Lazy shift pinky. :slight_smile:

The mistake is in the following line -

That’s assigning the $shippingAndHandling value (6.25) to $tax, then adding that new value in $tax with $subtotal and assigning the result to $totalCost.

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