Out of date script:

Hello everyone,
New to your forums and have a request for help if possible.

I discovered a gallery script after much searching on the web that suits my needs but there is no, or very little in the way of docs on how to use or modify.

I have sorted the basic stuff on index page but need to add my own links and text on each sub gallery i create.

This is where i am at the moment:

As an example if you clicked on:

I cant figure out how to add a description/header for that gallery.

There are other issues but if anyone could help with that i might be able to figure the rest out myself.

Hello again,
I have just read this from your Posting Guidelines:
Although i understand, i am not able to contact the script author and there are no forums because the program appears out of date.

Help Installing Third-Party Applications

This forum does not offer support for the usage of pre-made scripts. There are far too many applications of varying types available for users of this forum to be able to answer questions or provide support. You will have to refer to the original developers support forum to find a solution.

If your application is generating a specific error or you can narrow the problem down to a certain code segment, we may be able to give you a general answer to that specific PHP problem. We have no ability to help if you just say “Its not working, help me.”

Please seek help in the application’s support group first, wait for answers before asking somewhere else and try contacting the developers or authors. Be sure to check your configuration is correct and that the version of PHP you are running is compatible with the application or script.

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