Oracle Not Loading With Php5 Under IIS7


I have been using PHP5 under IIS on a Windows 2003 Server and everything was fine.
I could use both Oracle and MySQL with PHP.

Recently, I upgraded another server to Windows 2008 R2.

I then followed some instructions on how to install PHP5 under IIS 7 from this web site: … rver-2008/

PHP now works fine including connecting to MySQL BUT
it refuses to work with Oracle (I am using Oracle 10g 64 Bit).

In php.ini I made sure that extension=php_oci8.dll was not commented out and restarted IIS
==> PHP still does not know about Oracle, the OCI8 is not even metioned in phpinfo !!!
I made sure that php_oci8.dll file is in the correct extensions folder, together with all other DLLs!

I tried to comment out the extension=php_mysql.dll to see whether the change would make any effect and whether I modified the correct php.ini file.
==> MySQL does not work when commencting out the php_mysql.dll line.
==> This means that I am modifying the correct php.ini file

So, I am stuck but I need php to know about my Oracle!

Please help

Here is some extra info from phpinfo.php

Compiler: MSVC9 (Visual C++ 2008)
Architecture: x86
Configure Command:
cscript /nologo configure.js “–enable-snapshot-build” “–enable-debug-pack” “–disable-zts” “–disable-isapi” “–disable-nsapi” “–without-mssql” “–without-pdo-mssql” “–without-pi3web” “–with-pdo-oci=C:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient10\sdk,shared” “–with-oci8=C:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient10\sdk,shared” “–with-oci8-11g=C:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient11\sdk,shared” “–with-enchant=shared” “–enable-object-out-dir=…/obj/” “–enable-com-dotnet=shared” “–with-mcrypt=static” “–disable-static-analyze” “–with-pgo”

Server API: CGI/FastCGI