opening in same table

I’m running my index.php file which calls another php inside of a table. When I click on any of the options, it then opens another php file in its own window. I want to be able to have any and all php files open up in the same table so that I can see the rest of the main page as it should be.

AJAX is what you are looking for.

If u can be more specific with your requirement, i can help u out.

my main index page is just a normal html template file that I saved as a php instead and inside of it, I call another php file to open inside a table. When I click on any of the options that are part of the php file they go to their own scree. I just want everything to stay right where it is just to keep everything looking nice and neat.

here is the website address so you can get a visual of what I’m talking about.

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