Open Source PHP file combined with HTML

I have no idea how to fix this problem:

I have installed an open source “faq” file to my website. I am trying to “brand” this page with all of my other pages. I have the basics down, but can’t get the js and maybe some css files to work.

Seeing is believing, so my home page is

As you can see, the logo animates down and the menu bar has a line below.

The FAQ page will not animate and the line is not visible…not to mention that the footer is not like the rest.

This is a bit out of range for me and I’m not sure how to link everything together.

Maybe somebody smarter than me can help point me in the right direction.

This isn’t php from what I can tell.

The FAQ page must not contain the necessary code to do those two things. The easiest way for you to figure it out I think would be to make a copy of your simplest working page (probably sitemap.html) , and then delete the actual contents of the page, until you have a blank template, that is just the working menu, footer, etc without any content. save that as template.html. then copy what you need to get the FAQ page working from the existing faq page, and then save the template.html as the new faq page.

use template.html in the future whenever you want to add a new page.

Outstanding. thank you. I will work on that today. thanks again.

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