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Hello there
I would like to hear your suggestions about this:
When someone comes to the point of wanting to design an online store, what is the best choice? I guess I could start from 0, doing it with mysql, php and appache. But, I just thought that may be, there is some kind of already made software for this kind of website which is easily customizable.

            What I mean is: there are a lot of times when we end up doing things that were already done in the past and may be it is not worth it to devote time to that task because there is already a software which does that. For example, to make a forum, you can use SFM, or to make a blog you can use wordpress, etc. That is the kind of software that I might be asking for but this time with reference to online stores. If there is nothing, it is ok, then I will start it from 0.

Thanks for all.

Have a look at osCommerce.

Free open source online store. Works great on a LAMP system. Very customizable.

Thanks peg110 for that useful information. What is LAMP system?

ok, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Good to know because all those things are really standard and popular.

Sorry about that… I often (wrongly) assume that many users understand the LAMP Acronym. As you have pointed out it is
Linux Apache MySQL PHP

You may also here WAMP as well. As you may suspect it’s
Windoze Apache MySQL PHP

And NO I did not Misspell Windoze :)



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