Old code help?

Hi. I’m pretty sure I know my problem. What I don’t know is how to fix it. Understand I’m NOT any kind of a coding pro!! Years ago on a small web site I made a PHP message board (with some help). I’m pretty sure at this point the issue is that the code is so old. We can post messages just fine but they disappear quickly. Is there an easy way to fix this? As I said, it was a long time ago that I made the board and at this point I know almost nothing about it anymore.

Thanks, Tom

How are we supposed to know or help you? Its just a computer… not a crystal ball.

If you want help with something… PROVIDE it.

That being said… if the messages seem to post and appear fine… but are somehow ‘removed’ faster than expected… I’m not that confident yet that this is ‘old code’… What is the approach for when messages need to be or are removed

Sorry, I did state that i don’t know much about this. The message board was made many years ago and worked just fine until recently, which makes me suspect the age of the code. I use PHPmyAdmin to remove messages when necessary.

Code doesn’t rust; if it’s stopped working, something has changed. Has your server updated their PHP version or anything like that?


“We can post messages just fine but they disappear quickly.”

So they are not disappearing? You -are- removing them manually? So what is the problem? They post fine (your comment)… but they disappear quickly (which you then say is done manually?)

So… perhaps dont remove them manually so fast then?

No, I don’t remove any messages unless we get the occasional piece of junk. I leave everything as it is. It’s a small family web site so not hundreds of messages, just a few a week. It worked fine for many years, the problem has just started.

OK… lets start over:

1.) When you make a POST… does it go through and ‘displayed/seen’?

2.) Clarify this statement you made then: “We can post messages just fine but they disappear quickly”

Maybe you have a hard-coded ‘remove date’ that is finally being met since things havent been updated in X years?

Again without any code… this is just a guessing game with you.

That is a GREAT quote! Going to steal it ! “Code Doesn’t Rust!”

OP, before you post again, read this.

I’m sorry if I’ve been confusing. I’m a barely literate musician out of my league here. Posting a message works as it has for years, displayed in the message box. But at some point, a few hours, a day or so, the messages are gone. When I go to MYphpADMIN to check on things there are no longer any messages to check on. Just gone, nothing to display, after years of working perfectly. I haven’t touched one line of the code since i made it. I tried to extract all the PHP code from the page the message board is on. If you want to look at it tell me how to get it to you.
Thanks, Tom

It’s from an article by Joel Spolsky that I’m a big fan of.

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