ok having a issue in my php and im lost

Ok i have a profile web site and the first 50 members can login just right but anyone past that 50 can sign up but cant login it

says login errors?? is there a config problem or is this a data.php or funtions.php is there a something i have to set somewhere

and where do i find it?

the web site is http://www.xeleven59.com and you can do a profile but when you go to sign in it just wont any ideas??

also can seem to get my media player and widgets php to work ?

last but not least i went to put up a new opening page put it in the site and it bleed through the entire site how do i make it just

and not over run the entire site ? Help

anyone that has ideas or knows what i need to do let me know just email me and ill give you my number or you can skype or msn or yahoo my sn for all three is


MOD EDIT: Removed contact details

First of all, I took the liberty of removing your contact details. You don’t want that kind of information in plain sight of spambots, nor do we want to become a harvesting site for them. Besides that, we like to solve our problems on the forum. This allows for future users with similar problems to find the solution as well.

You say ‘login errors’. What kind of errors? Have you tried debugging, as per the link in my signature? What does your user database look like (does it store information on the users that cannot login)? How do you handle the ‘stay logged in’ mechanism (ie. cookies, sessions, etc)? You’re going to have to give us some more information concerning your problems.

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