OK alittle help plz


I have resently start a website up… i paid someone to make it up for me …cause im website dumb…we are having a few problems and the maker dont know how to fix it so im turning to you great peeps for advice or know how…ok one problem is in the admin control panel for our forums when we click on the smilie and go to the bottom and click add smilie we dont get a place to add one we get kicked back to the forum index :-?


you need to have your actual designer e-mail us. working with website illiterate people doesn’t work because they can’t give us php and accurately describe problems.

aside from that, you need to include actual code and examples.


more to gogglecollector’s point… We need RELEVANT code snipits. Do not just post the WHOLE page(s) here. That will get you removed.



OK thx guys ill have him do that when he gets a chance :wink:


true dat