Oh no, I get a WHITE SCREEN!


I attempted to install a php script called EZmembership. I created the mysql database, and followed all the instructions. The website and admin website both come up blank. Upon running a diagnostic, I was given this error:
FATAL ERROR syntax error, unexpected ‘is’ (T_STRING) on line number 5

Line number 5 is as follows:
if($_COOKIE[‘referid’]!=$_GET[‘r’]) mysql_query(“UPDATE members SET hits_unique=hits_unique+1,hits_visitor=hits_visitor+1 WHERE userid=’”.$_GET[‘r’]."’");

The website is http://thrivewiththeplan.com

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



It uses dangerous obsolete code that has been completely removed from PHP.


Thank you! I will try to find something else.


What are you wanting to do?