odbc_connect causes scripts to delay terminating, AFTER they are done


I have searched but cannot find anyone else even asking this question. By calling an ODBC connection to an MS Access database, the PHP server seems to wait several seconds to terminate the script after it has reached the end of the code. For example, if I make a new script with only the following lines:

<?php $myodbcconnection = odbc_connect ('dsn', '', ''); odbc_ close_ all; echo "Complete (" . date("m/d/Y h:i:s A") . ")"; ?>

and then visit the page in my web browser, it will display the current date within about one second, but it takes another 5-6 seconds for the browser window to go from “Waiting for…” to “Done.” Even when processing complex SQL into an XML string, the complete XML will show within 2-3 seconds in the browser but the server isn’t saying “I’m Done!” so it just sits there a few seconds longer. The reason it’s an issue is I’m trying to use the XML in an Adobe Flash dashboard, and the 5-6 second delay is taking too long to load on each user interaction. Please help!

This question is “on hold” – it appears MySQL extensions can interfere:


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