../ Not working

I have ran into this before and I belive it was a php.ini problem.

I have a file in EX home/users/cgarlick/comic/index.php

With the line header(‘Location: admin/install.php’);

So it should look in the current directory but it jumps to the root insted.

Insted of looking in http://www.website.com/comic/admin/

its looking in http://www.website.com/

I have tried header(‘Location: ./admin/install.php’);
header(‘Location: …/admin/install.php’);

But it still jumps to the root?? Any ideas?

did you try to double check your install.php? did you put header(‘Location: ***.php’) in your install.php? check the codes before the header.

officaly the location header dosn’t support relative URL’s.
Nevertheless most clients do.
What browser are u using to test it?

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