Not all photo's show on iphone, explorer. Ipad shows them all

I have a attendance program page that will show all people in a class, including there photo.
Problem I’m having is not all photo’s show on iPhone & IE windows 10. iPad shows them all just fine. So if there are 30 people on the roster to show, the iPhone & IE windows 10 will only show the first 15 then sporadically show some of the other 15. The iPad always shows them all.imagesfailed2

Because they haven’t loaded would be my guess. IPhone, you are dealing with a slower connection. IE, you can look at the requests and see what the issue is, just need to look in the browser tools.

This does not happen when i use the ipad, only other devices. pc, laptop, iphone.
The page is loading 30 plus images, do i need to upgrade from a shared host, or to a turbo shared?


What I would suggest is looking into AWS S3 for the storage and link the images from there.

Though upgrading your hosting would also be an option.

IOk i moved to a different server with better and more services. Wow that certainly fixed this problem!

Now I have found a new similar issue. When i go to the page with all the images loading on it, they all load just find now that i changed servers. Except if i revisit the same page more than 3 times the images are white boxes no image. I have to go to phone settings and clear history. This only happens on iphones! Mine is iphone 7 plus. This does not happen on ipads, pc’s or macs or my laptop. I can revisit the page on other devices and all the images show no matter how many times i revisit that page.

It’s caching. You can add a header for that, but the device is trying to limit data usage.

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I have tried a few headers but they dont help or i have it in the wrong place!

Added this to the .htaccess


Header set Cache-Control “no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate”
Header set Pragma “no-cache”
Header set Expires 0

This fixed it. Thank you
Ok tried it today and same problem still exist!
So not fixed yet.

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