noob making CMS

Well I’m still learning php and mysql. I’m wanting to make my own cms to have all the options I want but was wondering if any sources are better for someone wanting to do this I bought this book “Build your own Database driven website sing PHP & MySQL by kevin yank” isbn 0-9752402-1-8 and so far not a fan of how its written. Any advice?


If you’re just starting out with PHP and MySQL, I’d suggest you start small: tagboards, visitor counters, database managers, stuff like that. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither will your CMS be (hell, I’ve been working on a CMS like thingy for ages).

As Zyppora previously stated, You maybe taking on more than you can handle. You are looking at some serious, indepth stuff.

I would use google for tutorials and the bible to php which is located at

I would try to find some simple tutorials at first and make sure to run through the examples and get them working before you move on. As most often tutorials do, they will probably build off of each other.

Best advice I can offer right now. I would do a search on google for books, but you will have to shell out some cash for a good. I would recommend WROX - PHP/MySql - I am a little biased on this though as I am a good friend of one of the authors! :D

Good luck!

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