Non profit needs a scheduling system

Non Profit needs a scheduling system and as I have the IT experience I am it.
Question on using PHP/MySQL
Parent Child relationships possible?

Front end for customers to use and then an admin area for volunteers?
Calendar view of the data?
One page form for customer to sign up for a session, give date time, then sign up their friends with age weight height ( also creates a new customer in the customers list)

Email notifications/reminders for volunteers and for customers?

My goal is to start this as soon as I get our sharepoint site user friendly. I have basic database building skills so this is a plus.

Whats a good tutorial to start this sort of thing? Are these requirements possible?
Thanks in advance!!

I would just install wordpress… and install a scheduling plug in…

Something like this.

Are you looking at completely web based? Or web front end and desktop app in the office?

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