No access from Vivaldi browser

I installed Vivaldi browser.

I am in China, which always seems to cause problems.

When I try to access from Vivaldi, I get:

“You can’t log in as Pedroski55 from that IP address.”

I start Firefox and log directly in to

No change of ip.

Not a biggie, just thought I would draw your attention to it.

Well, of course, my first thought is just use Firefox. I like it better myself.
But, most likely it is because you are using the default settings. And, under Privacy in your settings area, see if you are using Google’s DNS Server. China may not be allowed to use that DNS Server. You might try to remove that, but, of course, this will mean that your government’s DNS Server will take over and that might cause other issues. But, try unchecking that option and see if it solves it. Here is a link that shows a lot of the settings and notes about some of them. Might help you further: Privacy-Settings

Thanks for the link, I will read it patiently.

I have used Firefox forever. I still keep Firefox.

The reason I changed from Firefox is: lately, when I try to access, the Chinese search engine, I keep getting a timeout in Firefox. Previously, this was not the case.

At first, I thought it was my internet connection. But why would the Chinese block one of the biggest Chinese search engines?

Vivaldi opens no problem, so this must be a Firefox setting.

So when I need to look up a Tang Dynasty poem, Baidu it in Vivaldi!

Thanks for your reply!

I can open Baidu.Com in my firefox. Here are the settings info for it: Firefox prvacy-security-settings

If I can open it in the US, they you should be able to there. My guess it is the DNS server you are using. Test changing the DNS server in either browser and see what happens. Good luck.

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