Newer than new

OK, started with an 80806, did small stuff, then the 286, 386, 486, then married 5 kids, couple of jobs etc, etc,. This open source stuff is the best thing I have ever seen. I’d love to get involved. Kids are growing up, 3 in college, very expensive, I still don’t have time. I’ve been lucky with some jobs. It would be eaiser and less time consuming for me if someone would like to work with me on tweaking a web site. Real simple stuff for you guys. Just adding some different shipping options.
I’d like to pay someone.
Get a hold of me.
I promise when I retire, I’m going to read everthing I can.

I am sorry but this is not the proper place for a job announcement. There are many fine sites that are more suited to your needs. This forum is for asking questions on how to code scripts only.

We hope though that when you have time to learn the coding of open source PHP that you will come back so we may help you out.

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