Newbie over here


Hey I’m Lynds, newbie to php, newbie to the site. I did some HTML and a tiny bit of PHP over 10 years ago in uni and have been roped into helping my friend create a website for her new business, massive headaches and lots of hair-pulling, hope I find help here :slight_smile:


Welcome to our site! Glad you could join us! Jump in, the water is fine!

Please remember to post your code within the PHP tags, just as you did on your latest post. Also, make the
title subject something that pertains to your programming puzzle. “Need help” does not explain much to us.
There are many great programmers here. Many much more advance them myself. You will find a lot of knowledge
here to help. To get you started, you might want to view various online tutorials that can assist you in learning.
There are many tutorials right here on this site. You might also want to look at the W3Schools site as it has a
huge amount of knowledge for beginners. I send a lot of new programmers to them as it is simple and has so
many tutorials. Here is a link to it. You can select a language such as HTML, CSS or PHP at the top and then go
to an area of interest on the left. When you find info you want to read, just press the green Next-Chapter
button to walk thru it. Hope this helps…

Hope that help your learning process… Again, welcome…


Thanks for the welcome
Sorry for the bad topic title, won’t happen again


I think it was just a suggestion for the future, not critique on this topic :slight_smile: