Newbie here :P


Hi everyone! I’ve actually been to this forum a few times in the past, but never actually made an account so I decided to go ahead and make one today :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as my background, I’ve only recently started fully learning PHP. I’ve dabbled in the past but nothing too major, so I hardly know anything about the language but I am learning!

I do like to try and give back if I can :confused: I’m not sure if there is anything bad with trying to help people but completely overshooting what they were asking for? lol I wont do it on purpose but being new to the language my suggestions might not be the greatest >>;; if that is something wrong then please tell me? @__@ I do try and do research beforehand to at least give my solution some kind of background lol

Anyways I’m glad I actually started an account on here and hopefully continue to learn more about PHP as well as contributing to this site ^^

PS: I hate that I can’t edit my posts Dx I always feel like I’m spamming if I reply one after another even though I thought of something new that I didn’t think of earlier lol but I’ve read your reasoning behind it so I can’t completely hate on that.