Newbie help

Hey Bros! I’m new to PHP and I have a bit of emergency- I have a traffic pushing happening right now and I need help with my site:

prankcity dot net

Obviously you can see whats wrong with it! The featured image and the left sidebar are both off center. Can someone take a look at this code and tell me what I’m doing wrong? I thought I fixed it and I can’t figure it out. I’m sure someone here can figure it out. Can you Please respond with the entire code so I can throw it into wordpress?

Please and thank you :o

> <?php tj_custom_titles(); ?> <?php tj_custom_description(); ?> <?php tj_custom_keywords(); ?> <?php tj_custom_canonical(); ?> <?php wp_head(); ?> >
<div id="top">
	<p id="site-desc"><?php bloginfo('description'); ?></p>
	<div class="social-counter">
		<a href="<?php echo get_option('videopro_rss_url'); ?>" rel="nofollow" class="rss"><?php _e('RSS','themejunkie'); ?> <span><?php echo get_option('videopro_rss_subscribers_count'); ?></span></a>
		<a href="<?php echo get_option('videopro_google_plus_url'); ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php _e('Google +','themejunkie'); ?> <span><?php echo get_option('videopro_google_plus_followers_count'); ?></span></a>
		<a href="<?php echo get_option('videopro_twitter_url'); ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php _e('Twitter','themejunkie'); ?> <span><?php echo get_option('videopro_twitter_followers_count'); ?></span></a>
		<a href="<?php echo get_option('videopro_facebook_url'); ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php _e('Facebook','themejunkie'); ?> <span><?php echo get_option('videopro_facebook_fans_count'); ?></span></a>					
	</div><!-- .social-counter -->
</div><!-- #top -->

<header><div id="primary-nav">
		    <?php $menuClass = 'nav';
			$menuID = 'primary-navigation';
			$primaryNav = '';
			if (function_exists('wp_nav_menu')) {
				$primaryNav = wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'primary-nav', 'container' => '', 'fallback_cb' => '', 'menu_class' => $menuClass, 'menu_id' => $menuID, 'echo' => false ) );
			if ($primaryNav == '') { ?>
				<ul id="<?php echo $menuID; ?>" class="<?php echo $menuClass; ?>">
					<?php if (get_option('videopro_home_link') == 'on') { ?>
						<li class="<?php if(!is_page()) echo('first');?> home-item"><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>"><?php _e('Home', 'themejunkie') ?></a></li>
					<?php } ?>						
					<?php show_page_menu($menuClass,false,false); ?>
			<?php }	else echo($primaryNav); ?>
		</div><!-- #primary-nav -->
		<div id="header-search" role="search">
			<form action="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" method="get" id="search-form">
				<input type="text" name="s" id="site_search" placeholder="Type and hit enter" />
		</div><!-- #header-search -->
	</div><!-- .right -->
	<div class="clear">
</header><!-- header-->

<div class="clear"></div>

<?php if (get_option('videopro_header_ad_enable') == 'on') { ?>
	<div class="header-ad">
		<?php echo get_option('videopro_header_ad_code'); ?>
	</div><!-- .header-ad -->
<?php } ?>

I can’t really tell where the image is located in your script but put it between tags and that should fix it.

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