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Hi everyone!

For all intents and purposes I am a newbie. My career was in software development, specifically ERP developer and administrator.

I have run a football pool for decades. Used to be Excel based and “players” sent in their picks via an Excel spreadsheet. I copy/pasted, did other massaging to generate the Pick Sheets and web pages.

A number of years ago I found some free software online to entering Picks, (php and MySQL db), and other functions that we don’t use. I did a little tweaking here and there. See below for the credits to the authors, Mike Hall, Brian Paulson, and George Garcia. Maybe they are on this site! If so, “Thank You Very Much!!!”

Now that I am retired I want to enhance the package, so, I will need to develop my php skills.

Looking forward to having fun developing my solutions!


P.S. EdAROC - Name is Ed Assenheimer, live in Rochester NY.

PHP Football Credits:
//* ASP Football Pool
//* Do not remove this notice.
//* Copyright 1999-2004 by Mike Hall
//* Please see for documentation and terms of use.
//* PHP Football Pool
//* PHP Port of ASP Football pool
//* Copyright 2005 by Brian Paulson and George Garcia
//* Please see for more support on PHPFootball


Does your website make out seamlessly and requires no customization anything more.


Karma -

Not sure what you are asking…

“make out seamlessly” … Do you mean perform seamlessly?
Not now. It was written years ago, therefore, an older version of PHP. My ISP just upgraded servers, new version of PHP. Deprecated items, no longer work. I will overhaul the code to address deprecated functionality and implement PDO. This project will be my exercise to learn PHP.

“no customization anything more” … Do you mean will I be customizing it?
I will be customizing to implement enhancements/functionality that is not already in place.


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