New to PHP

I see a lot of “I’m new to PHP, Javascript and HTML and I ran into the following problem” after which you get a piece of code that seems to be cut-and-pasted together or worse, directly copied off some existing site. It certainly doesn’t resemble code put together by someone learning a new language.

In the old days of transistors and TeleTypes we had a perfect program to start with. It was called “Hello world”, as far as I know it exists for every programming language known to man.
Now I see starters immediately try to write an AI capable of predicting oceancurrents AND Wall Street developments.

My advice to all starters, baby steps. You didn’t learn to walk during the New York Marathon, nor did you learn to swim by being thrown overboard by your parents halfway across the Pacific. ( Right? :o )

There is absolutely no shame in having to learn a new language. For everyone who tries there are 10000 who won’t even bother. You’re a hero anyway. Starting too high will only frustrate you and make it harder to continue.

Enfin, for all you starters, here it is:

<?php echo "Hello world!\n"; ?>


Enjoy your programming.
O. :wink:

You don’t need the \n :wink:

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