New to PHP, I dowloaded the latest version php-5.6.3.tar.gz Need Help Installing



I have Windows 8.1 Pro

I download the latest version php-5.6.3.tar.gz I never installed php before, I have installed Apache Tomcat 8, but now I need to install php. The file content in the php-5.6.3.tar.gz compressed file seem to be a source code, isn’t there an EXECUTABLE that can help you install php. If not, how can I setup the php from the php-5.6.3.tar.gz compressed file?

Please help me to install php, I want to be able to run my program.



Forget all that. The easiest thing you can do is install Zend Sever Community Edition. It loads everything with a double click on the install file and is free and a very robust server.


Will zend host my websites, is this just a server for php alone?

In other words, will Zend work like Apache Tomcat?


It is a server and can host your sites. It will Install PHP, Apache Server and Mysql as part of the install. Tomcat is for Java. Not likely that’s what you are doing.


thank U


Zend is not free, you only download a trial, then you got to pay for the full version…thanks anyways, but I cannot afford zend.


Yes it is free. It will be the full Zend Server for 30 days, then you will only have features of the Free community edition. You wont need the features of the paid edition.


Never mind Zend or apache.

My best advice is to get IIS…you can install PHP with WEB PLATFORM INSTALLER, and it will automatically install IIS, when you do, you then will have to search how to host your site with IIS…I got my site running just fine!


Recommending IIS is the worst advice you could give. IIS is Junk and that’s not just an opinion.


fine but I am not getting zend, or anything because IIS is free.

I install zend, and it gave me a whole bunch of problems…it think zend is garbage


Interesting that you could not install Zend. All you do is double click it and follow the simple menus. In any case, just because you couldn’t do it doesn’t make it garbage. Since you didnt say what the problem was, there is no way to tell you anything about it.

And as you may learn one day, pretty much every server is free, excluding Microsoft and Redhat. If IIS works for you, then so be it.


Well said if it is working for me, why did you call it “junk” to begin with…lets not start a diplomatic encounter here…since I do appreciate your time and effort to answer my post but call IIS junk does not help…


You would be best served to research IIS vs {whatever server name}. A google search such as “IIS sucks” will give you some quick answers.

After you use IIS for awhile and get to using other servers, it will be quite clear to you. Let me know if you need help with any php/mysql issues.


do you happen to understand how do sockets work in PHP?

I got a post at the beginners forum let link the post:

I was wondering if you have any idea…can you go into the post and let me know if you know what am I trying to convey



And to be honest and open to you…I am not too worried about the quality of the web server…this web project is mainly for myself, and maybe some relatives who will help test the video game…the day I publish my video game then I will think about buy a domain and that will be the end of that…I won’t have to worry about running the server myself, unless I change my mind at which point I will rethink my options…but thanks for letting me know IIS is not very efficient…I will look into it


IIS is a default windows shit server, like it or not. ( And I can quantify that statement)

While I agree with Kevin, as I use the pay for Zend Server along with Zend Studio as my development system and IDE respectively. I generally recommend XAMPP for a web sever running on localhost.

A .tar file is for a Linux host, download the zip file. Or better yet use XAMPP and let it install everything for you.

As for my first comment, IIS should strictly be used for .NET projects. Yet, if you were doing this in a corporate environment running a .NET application, you would be using Windows Server, NOT IIS. Where as Apache is used the majority of the time for a Linux system.


Installing PHP on your local development server with IIS is pretty easy with, but there will be differences in how it works from apache.

You could lookup wamp installers, that make installing apache easier or look at running Ubuntu in a Virtualbox


Well, I will throw in my two cents…

IIS takes a lot of overhead and really needs to run all the time. I used to use it, but, that was at least
15 years ago. It is not really what I would call a server system. And, you have to keep updating it under
the guidance of Microsoft with Windows updates. Annoying.

I do not use Zend because of similar reasons.

I have been using WAMP which is very similar to XAMP. Either of these seem to have enough optional
controls and logging to work for most people. Both of these also can include PHP, MySQL and other
add-on options that most programmers want to use. easy to install, easy to use. Both are much better
than IIS ! Unless you want to install a full Windows Server system which will have IIS installed inside of

Well, that’s my opinion…