New Member Hello~


Hello Everyone, I’m new here but have been perusing the forums a bit before I posted so that I wouldn’t duplicate any content or break any rules haha… I’m very rusty with PHP and am definitely over my head concerning customizing a WP plugin, so I will most likely post to the WP room when I have the chance and will be available for a bit (also working 2 other jobs along with the development project), but just thought I should introduce myself here before I post. Thanks for the forum! I’ve been digging through threads and bookmarking helpful topics/code and this seems like a great resource.

PS. Also I have noticed that the WP Help room does not seem to get many responses, and thus have the feeling that helping with WP isn’t exactly a priority or enjoyable for you guys, and I understand that. I have spent well over a week investigating, reading, tweaking and asking for help from various resources (the developer and the github page are non-responsive); but I understand if this isn’t desirable to help with and will also check your freelancer pages if needed.


Welcome to the PIT! WP is gold for some and a headache for others.


Thanks PIT master, indeed it is!