New learner php

I think this site will be very helpful me for to learn php. I am very new in php. I only know the relation among php, mysql and apache. But i don’t know the php script(code). I want to learn script, help me to learn php from begening.

How can make php page which include image, table, animation, sound. please show an example.

And i have a problem in login php page(Guestbook) when i click the admin link the page shows error (Warning: open(/tmpsess_de20efa1e2f2c48a6d9006d3176e1db8, O_RDWR) failed: m (2) in C:apachehtdocsnew folderwin_authenticate.php on line 35)
and that line is [(session_register(PHP_AUTH_USER):wink: ]

and 36-43 line is
if (empty($valid_user) && !empty($PHP_AUTH_USER))
// check it against the database
$query = "select username from guestbook_admin
where password = password(lower(’$PHP_AUTH_PW’))
and username = lower(’$PHP_AUTH_USER’)]
please help to solve this problem


Admin Edit: Added [php] code tags for readability. Please refer to for posting guidelines.

I don’t like the way this looks:

open(/tmpsess_de20efa1e2f2c48a6d9006d3176e1db8, O_RDWR)

It looks like the session dir has been set with a forward slash, and PHP tries to append it with a backslash. Are you hosting your own PHP scripts?

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