New guy... many errors :)


This is my first real attempt at writing anything in js…

It’s a module for the Magic Mirror project but and I am getting errors that I just don’t understand…

I’m getting an ‘unexpected identifier’ on line 21 [right after this line:

signs: {

Have NO idea how to fix it… I’ve looked high and low…

I’ve attached the entire file [in txt format but it is a js file] because I know there will be other questions… I really do appreciate any help!!

Thank you

MMM-Horoscope.txt (1.52 KB)


Looks like you are missing the coma after this,

retryDelay: 2500,


Yes it was…Thank you!!!

but now I get an ‘unexpected token’…

signs: {
},  <------------- right here.. unexpected token....


The second argument of the module is a json string. Run it thru until it says that it is valid


Thank you