New form dropdown


I’m trying to add a new dropdown to a currently working form. Not being very good with my PHP I’m really struggling! I’d appreciate any advice on how I could get this to work.

So, I have a column in my table “address_state” and trying to add a new dropdown to display this column. Below is my poor effort…


<?php echo $PLS_LANG['search_location']; ?>:

<?php ?><?php echo($address_state['address_state']); ?><?php



Well, your option tag needs to be inside the select (before /select)


[php]<?php $address_state = $_GET['address_state'];?>[/php]

This is not going to output (echo) any value for your option.

[php]<?php echo($address_state['address_state']); ?>[/php]

This wouldn’t be valid either if $address_state is a $_GET variable.

I’ll take a guess and assume this is what you want


<?php $address_state = $_GET['address_state']; ?>

<?php echo $PLS_LANG['search_location']; ?>: <?php echo $address_state; ?>

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