New Feature added to PHPHELP called Mentions.

I ran a forum that used IP.Board and one of the best features was an add on mod called Mentions. Someone made a similar mod for the SMF forum that PHPHelp runs off of.

You simple that the @ symbol and the user name like…

[member=43746]ErnieAlex[/member] Can you please help me solve this
[member=71845]JimL[/member] I know you love IP.Board
[member=46186]Kevin Rubio[/member] Do you freelance on the side?
[member=26967]Redscouse[/member] Hopefully, you’ll get unbusy with all those projects you’re working on…
[member=57087]Strider64[/member] Really appreciate all the insightful posts.
[member=72272]astonecipher[/member] You Rock.
[member=44080]richei[/member] What’s Up?

This way, people can mention other people and they know to look at a certain post that might require their attention!

I know I’m guilty of just trying to answer unanswered topics as [member=69011]Topcoder[/member] , I really don’t scan all the other messages.

Not a bad idea :slight_smile:

@richie You can also in your profile, their is a section called “Mentions” you can turn on email notifications, so when someone mentions/tags you, you’ll get email as well.

Excellent idea.

Sweet! ;D

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