needs some help please

A friend wrote this code for me several years ago.
What it does it go to a database and compares the incomming IP to a database I update by hand.
its used to be part of a page called hate.php and I simply added a require line to load it at the top of the index.php. Now, it doesnt seem to be working… Can anyone help me figure out why?

<?php mysql_connect('localhost', 'USER', 'PASSWORD'); // Change user and pass to your mysql username and password mysql_query("use stryfe_blacklist"); // This selects the database $BLRangeResult=mysql_query("select * from BlackList"); // Get data from the BlackList table while($BLRangeData=mysql_fetch_assoc($BLRangeResult)) { $BLData=explode('.', $BLRangeData['IP']); $CIPData=explode('.', $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); if($BLData[0]==$CIPData[0]) { if($BLData[1]=='*' || $BLData[1]==$CIPData[1]) { if($BLData[2]=='*' || $BLData[2]==$CIPData[2]) { if($BLData[3]=='*' || $BLData[3]==$CIPData[3]) { echo '' . $lang[perhaps_you_were_looking_something_else] . ''; exit; } } } } } ?>
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