Need some work done please

Hello all I am in need of some serious help. I am setting up a everquest2 guild site running off of phpnuke8.1. My problem is I have fond two modules that I really want to use but they were coded fo the dragonfly system and breaks the phpnuke site if installed. The two mods are guild event manager and roster master.

I had found someone to port them over but seems he gave up halfway through the project. So I am looking for someone else to port this for me.

Also in my zip file I have included the eqdkp phpnuke, I can not get this running on my site and would like to see if I can get it “added” in to the guild event manager module…

You can see the two dragonfly modules working at

If anyone can help me please I would be very grateful. I cant afford much but I can donate for your time. You can download the zip file with all three modules at … portal.rar


[email protected]

sorry still looking for help on this. fixed the download link above. I have had a few respond but they all seem to give up.

We don’t provide support on third-party scripts. Have you tried contacting the creators? I’m pretty sure PHPNuke and the modules that you want have a support forum.

yes i talked with the guy that created it and he is only making it for dragonfly system. Ive searched everywhere noone seems to be able to help

Then you should try to (find someone to) make it compatible. Mind you, this can be a very tricky, long and complex project. Since we at have our own projects we work on, we cannot help you with that. I hope you can understand that. Besides, if you run into problems with the code that you’ve written, you’re always welcome to ask for our help on that :slight_smile:

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