Need some help

OK I have a PHP site all setup at that includes the following code, <img src="<?PHP echo date("Y") ?>/<?PHP echo date("md") ?>.jpg"> and I would like to have it be able to have the calendar opition under it much like what you see, ORIGINAL URL DELETED BY ADMIN is this something that can be done easy like with the script I have or what do I need to do? Please help!!!

ADMIN EDIT: Although some might find that link appropriate, I think a better example could be found to illustrate the point

Yes, that’s possible.

What is possible? That I can ad a calendar to that page? If that is possible please help me set it up. I would welcome any help I can get.

Glad to help…
have a look at
or viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8203
or my personal favorite Calendar is at code is below:

$ts=time()+(86400 * 0);

$day = date("w", $ts);

<table border=1>
     <td colspan=7 align=center><b><? echo date("F Y", $ts);?></b></td>

$StartDay = $ts - (86400* $day);
for ($w=0; $w<5; $w++){
    echo "<tr>";
    for ($i=0; $i <7; $i++){
        // Sets color for the Current Day
        if ($StartDay == $ts) {
          echo "<td bgcolor=#00ffff align=center> <b>". date("j", $StartDay)."</b></td>";
        } else {
          if (date("n", $StartDay) != date("n", $ts)){
            echo "<td align=center bgcolor=#cccccc>". date("j", $StartDay)."</td>";
          } else {
            echo "<td align=center>". date("j", $StartDay)."</td>";
        $StartDay += 86400;
   } // end of day of week
   echo "</tr>";
}  // end of week of month


With a little creativity you can add color and make it look like the one at

OK those are all close to what I want, I think I need something that is going to pull in an image that is supposed to show for that day and make it a certain size IE thumbnail. I like where you went with the code though. It is getting me on the right track. I liked the one that had a link under it. I think that is sorta in the right direction.

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