Need some help with our gateway


Hi Members,

Need a help in upgrading the gateway on our website , We just started learning PHP

Total amount in Old code : <input type=hidden name='i_amount' value='<?= $tot_amount*10000; ?>'>

New code :

[php]<?php require ‘./fedgate.php’;
$fields = new Fedgate( array(
‘user_code’ => ‘ALMXX’,
‘pass_code’ => ‘ALM$11121#’,
‘hash_key’ => ‘AQW23M87XC47’,
‘tran_id’ => ‘ALMkKDT’ .time(),
‘amount’ => ‘00.00’, // Note : In this field the amount needs to be dynamic like in the old code using $tot_amount . How do we do that
‘charge_code’ => ‘A’,



kindly help


You would use a variable, but, why is the old code multiplying anything?


By the way, be careful and add validation. As your site is now, people use to break e-comm’s by changing values.