need some help with a maths formulae..

Hello guys :wink:

so the helper turns into the helped… :-[ :-X

Ok, so i don’t have my math head on today and can’t figure this out, was hoping someone could help clear it up for me ;D

i have a row in my database that holds an integer (initial value=0).
as the user spends time on the site this is entered into table IE: 10mins = 600
this value will keep rising the more time the user spends on the site…

What i’m trying to do is display “You have spent X days X hours X mins on the site”
X being the correct value.

The formula i’m using is as follows:

[php]echo floor($total_time / 86400) . ’ days ';
echo floor($total_time / 3600) . ’ hours ‘;
echo floor($total_time / 60) . ’ minutes.’;
It seemed to work fine initially (while the values where below the real life counterparts)
IE: stored value = 600 // outputs: 0 days 0 hours 10 minutes.

now the value is higher i’m getting unacceptable results:
IE: stored value= 96823 // outputs: 1 days 26 hours 1613 minutes

As you can see, 26 hours/1613 mins is not ideal so i’m lookin for either a math formula or PHP function to fix it…

Any help would be much appreciated as i just can’t count today :frowning: :frowning:

Red :wink:

Hi Red,

I think what you’re missing in your code is - subtract full days from $total_time, only then count hours, then subtract full hours to calculate minutes, etc. I use this function when I need to calculate days, hours and minutes between two given dates:

function date_diff($date_start, $date_end) {
$s = $date_end-$date_start;
$d = intval($s/86400);
$s -= $d86400;
$h = intval($s/3600);
$s -= $h
$m = intval($s/60);
$s -= $m*60;
return array(“d”=>$d,“h”=>$h,“m”=>$m,“s”=>$s);

// usage example
$a = date_diff(strtotime(‘1-1-2011’),time());
echo $a[‘d’].’ days, ‘.$a[‘h’].’ hours, ‘.$a[‘m’].’ minutes’;


…(face in hands)…

Thanks man, i knew it was something simple, but today i just can’t get my head together and the more i tried the more frustrated i got…

Your function works great - little tweak to fit my code and works just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Red :wink:

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