Need help with this search script

Hi everyone

I’ve been trying to find a multiple search engine script and have come across this 1 below but can’t seem to get it to work.

When I select to search say yahoo for the term auto, the url displayed is

I obviously know hardly any php but have been playing around with it but with no successs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



search engine processor script

scpt: multisearch.php

desc: multiple search engine in one Form

Receives engine ($engine) and search criteria ($scrit)

from a form and creates the proper search form and

submits it to the site specified

* Works with GET or POST method

* Any amount of hidden fields


engine name = action, method, criteria field

$engines = array(
“excite” => array(“”, “GET”, “search”),
“altavista” => array(“”, “GET”, “q”),
“webster” => array(“”, “POST”, “va”),
“yahoo” => array(“",“GET”,"p”),
“internic” => array(“",“POST”,"STRING”),
“google” => array(“",“GET”,"q”),
“devsearch” => array(“",“GET”,"q”),
“det” => array(“",“POST”,"research_quote_symbol”),
“hotbot” => array(“",“GET”,"MT”),
“lycos” => array(“",“GET”,"query”),
“askjeeves” => array(“",“GET”,"ask”),
“slashdot” => array(“",“GET”,"query”),
“freshmeat” => array(“",“POST”,"query”),
“php” => array(“”, “POST”, “function”),
“infind” => array(“",“GET”,"query”)


engine name = “name”=>“value”

$hiddenfields = array(
“altavista” => array(“pg”=>“q”,“what”=>“web”,“kl”=>“en”),
“webster” => array(“book”=>“dictionary”),
“devsearch” => array(“mss”=>“en/simple”, “pg”=>“q”, “what”=>“web”,
“det” => array(“INFOTYPE”=>“DET_QUOTES”),
“hotbot” => array(“OPs”=>“MDRTP”),
“lycos” => array(“cat”=>“dir”),
“askjeeves” => array(“origin”=>"",“qSource”=>“0”,“site_name”=>“Jeeves”,“metasearch”=>“yes”),
“infind” => array(“time”=>“10”)

$action = $engines[$engine][0];
$method = $engines[$engine][1];
$criteriafield = $engines[$engine][2];


Msn Yahoo <? if ($hiddenfields[$engine]) { while ( list($key, $val) = each($hiddenfields[$engine]) ) { echo "n"; } } ?> [/code]

this script isn’t supposed to have the selection of the searchengine on the same page as the searchfield.

the searchengine must have been selected before.

# desc: multiple search engine in one Form # # [b]Receives engine ($engine) and search criteria ($scrit) # from a form[/b] and creates the proper search form and # submits it to the site specified # # * Works with GET or POST method # * Any amount of hidden fields

ok I created a separate form like the one where the script is used

form name=“search” action=“multisearch.php” method=“POST”>

Search Using: Select Search Tool AltaVista Ask Jeeves DevSearch Excite Google HotBot Inference Infind Lycos PHP Manual QuickRef Yahoo! Webster Dictionary Internic Whois
	<tr><td><b>Criteria:</b></td><td><input type="text" name="scrit" value="" size="20"></td></tr>
	<tr><td colspan="2"><input type="submit" value="submit"></td></tr>

But it directs me to multisearch.php which is a blank page. Any more help would be very appreciated.

try to add
in multisearch.php

and try debugging.

Added the code

$engine=$_POST['engine']; $scrit=$_POST['scrit'];

but still the same. Any other ideas?

have u tryed to look at the html-source of the blank page?

When I view the source of the blank page I get the following:

The page you are trying to view contains POSTDATA that has expired from cache. If you resend the data, any action the form carried out (such as a search or online purchase) will be repeated. To resend the data, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Clicking OK gives me this


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