Need help with searching page results

I am just a beginner and I am trying to create a search with drop down box for two fields (club_name and email) but not having any success. Any and all help much appreciated. Here is what I have so far. The page returns results from MySQL database but the search box is not functional.

{section name=s loop=$types} {$types[s].value} {/section}
{foreach item=item from=$contest key=key name=foo} {/foreach}
Num Club Name Login Country Region City Address Web site Email Contact Name Contact Phone Swinging Alcohol Food Entertainment Fees Approved/
{$key+1} {$} {$item.login} {$item.country_name} {$item.region_name} {$item.city_name} {$item.address} {$item.web_site} {$} {$item.contact_name} {$item.contact_phone} {math equation="x - 1" x=$item.swinging assign=index_pos} {$xml_swing[$index_pos].value} {math equation="x - 1" x=$item.alcohol assign=index_pos}{$xml_alco[$index_pos].value} {math equation="x - 1" x=$item.foot assign=index_pos}{$xml_foot[$index_pos].value} {math equation="x - 1" x=$item.entertainment assign=index_pos}{$xml_entertainment[$index_pos].value} {math equation="x - 1" x=$item.fees assign=index_pos}{$xml_fees[$index_pos].value} {if $item.is_approved eq '1'} Approved {else} Rejected {/if} [ Edit ]
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