need help with Member group script fdaccess

If Anyone nows how this stuff works I need help

I’m trying to protect my files using a generated code from this php script called Membership 2.0 but a can’t seem to make it work. I’ll give out the link of the program to see what I’m talking about. The link:

It was an easy intall the best I’ve seen but I can’t seem to do one think protect my files. I know about the CHMODED TO 700] but i’m not shore if I should use it for a directory. The progam also has a code to protect php file for unathorized users but I just want to protect the directorys and the code is not working.

I just want to know the exact steps so I can know exacly what to do and what I’m doing wrong. Please help.

Remember this is fdaccess and I Don’t know if it has anything to do with htaccess or htdoc or something like that.

Can anyone download this scrip and install it and tell me how its done.

The link:

Hi mass700,

sorry this forum does not support or explain individual scripts. If you can rephrase and ask a specific question we can try and help you with that problem.

If that is not helpful, I suggest you contact the author of that script and he may explain how it works.

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