Need help with forms

I am making a website and need some guidning.

I want users to be able to submit forms that can be answered by other users.

Example; let’s say thats the form is about needing help with dogwatching. The fields are which city, which time, how long and the payment recived for watching the dog.

And then the question appears visible to other users which can answer it.

Example; David need help watching his dog in Blablaville tommorow and two days forward for 60$.

And Ana who also lives in Blablaville would love to watch that dog. So she answers the form post and it’ll automatically send David a private message.


  1. create a form that submits questions to a php file on your server
  2. create a php file which catch all the $_POST variables and insert them into your database
  3. create a php file for listing the questions
  4. create a php file for listing details about a question (optional)
  5. add a link to each question to whatever it is on your server that handles private messages
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