Need help with design and advanced custom field plugin on WP site


I had a developer design my WP site for me and she customized the Typegrid theme. I’m unable to add field labels with the ACF plugin probably due to some code in the child theme. I tried switching to another theme and was able to add the field labels but when I switched back to typegrid, though the field labels appeared at first on the “add new film” page as I began reactivating plugins the page began appearing as an new post page, i.e. no meta boxes for data input. Even when I disabled all plugins except ACF and custom post type plugin I was unable to get the “add new film” page to load with meta boxes. So basically I want to add a column to this index: which would require two new input fields, one for the name of the production company and one for the destination URL. I’d also like the buttons (previous, next, etc) that appear below the table to also appear above the table.

If interested please give an estimate of cost and references.

I’ve personally never had anything but bad experiences in WordPress when switching back and forth between themes other than the ones that ship with WordPress.

Yeah, luckily I backed up the site before I did it.

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