Need help with a Form To Mail script....

I am using Microsoft Expression to create this website, FYI. I am using a script for the form on this page: . The form operates correctly with one exception…It is not sending me the e-mail!!! Any advice? Yahoo! is my host for this site.

Does Yahoo allow you to send emails through PHP?

does it sent the mail to anyone or is it just ur host your having problems with?

What code are you using to send the mail, make sure you use headers to send or this could stop it getting through to some hosts.

Here’s some sample php to send mail


// $mail is the var from a form

//send email
$to = "[email protected]";
$subject = “Contact for site title”;
$body = “on “.date(‘M j, Y’).” Information from contact form: nn Name: $name nn With the email address of $email nn Wrote this message: nn $message”;
$additionalheaders = “From: [email protected]rn”;
$additionalheaders .= “Replt-To: $mail”;
mail($to, $subject, $body, $additionalheaders);[/code]

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