Need Help Updating Deprecated Code

My host is updating mysql and anything below php 7.X will no longer be supported - which means my site will break (made by someone else - I know nothing about php) I’m learning WordPress and will be redesigning my site, but I need to fix this for right now.

Let me know if you can help and of course your price. Much appreciated.

Is there code available online? The best you can get out of this is an hourly price as there is no possible way to know how much work this is without the code

Dear Petey,

I can Help you with updating Deprecated code.

Please Reach to me at Email :- carter(AT)cisinlabs(Dot)com

Awaiting your Response

Very Best Regards
Carter W

No code available online. What would be the hourly rate - and, what would I need to give you to see if it’s doable and worth it (for both of us!)

Petey, you just need to check the function that don’t support PHP 7 and update in the code.

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