Need help to make a game

I need help to make a game. Its long time i se it.

We choose min 1 number to max 6 number or more.
We guessing some number, the closes the number win.
we want use a “#database” from forum to.
I not want to regist new user or somting in the game, but the user are loged inn form the forum kan join the game not outsiders.

and the pc/machine choose a random number from “1 - 1000” then the closed number win.
If it is 2 and more are same close the number choose the pc/machine the winner random

Im can not “#PHP, #HTML or #database” so plz help me, make the games
I dont now we need more the #HTML, #PHP, #database and more

sorry for bad english :frowning:


I have been out of the site for awhile and just found you question.

Did you start programming your website yet? If so, how far did you get? Do you still need help with this?

To do a game such as a number guessing game, if you have members already in the blog, you can just add a new page to the blog site to play the game. Or, you can make it a new site with a log-in system.

Checking who wins is easy in PHP code. You can do it with just a few lines of code. The database query can create a list of the players with their distance from the winning number. Then, you check the list to see who and how many are nearest the winning number.

But, you need to have the page set up first to call the PHP code and you have to have the log in set up, too.

Lots to think about there. Let us know if you got it working since your post last month and perhaps we can help you.

No, but i don’t now to do it, and it’s no info on the google seach :frowning:

Well, it would not be hard to do. I was not clear on your answer. Perhaps you spelled “KNOW” as “NOW”?

So, did you start the project? Do you have the guessing form already done?

Here is a link that talks about how to handle random numbers and check them for values:

Once you get a sample set up, if you have problems, post the HTML-FORM code and the PHP code you are calling and we can help you get it working!

Good luck!

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