Need help running php & mysql on blueyonder.pwp

I am a newbie to php, but have covered some areas in other languages.

Basically I set up dreamwever to connect to my blueyonder personal web space and built a site. I then got into php & mysql and rebuilt my site. Except this time I immplemented php login and registration scripts. When registering the data got written to a mysql database and when logging in the user was searched for in the mysql database and there pass checked etc.

Anyway this worked fine locally, I also had dreamwever set up to connect to mysql however what I want to be able to do is connect to my database from my blueyonder pwp so that registrations & logins can be immplemented in my site. If this is not supported I was wandering if there is a way that I can write the registered users names to a text file on the blueyonder pwp server temporarly then when I connect to the site a script could automatically read the text file with the users into my local database.

I no what I am saying is probably dodgy and impracticle but I am trying to set up a basic system for personal education as I am trying to learn all the various aspects of web development a step at a time.

Is there any way I could get a working login & user registration system on my pwp?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


One last thing… when my php script executed to add a user to my database it said error 404

pwp? haven’t a clue what that is :) . If you have personal webspace on a server why not FTP up the pages or is that not possible on pwp? You should also find out if this webspace has MySQL and PHP available to it (unfortunately not all free web spaces do). If it has PHP and not MySQL and the server lets you create files then yeah you could do it all with flat files.

As for the 404 error - We will need more specific information to help.

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