Need help for a Pilot LogBook site!

Hi Guys
I hope you can help me with this one, and I will try to explain myself best as I can.
I’m building a Pilot Logbook website. I use PHP and MySQL.
DB name: logbook
Table name: air_flight_log

  1. I need to calculate the different between BLOCK_TIME_START - BLOCK_TIME_END and display the time on the “TOTAL_BLOCKTIME” as HH:MM.
  2. Need to make sure to calculate the right time if I enter 23:00 - 01:00 the day after.
  3. I need to do a Record count for the whole “TOTAL_BLOCKTIME” columns as HH:MM.
  4. What “Type” shell I use for the BLOCK_TIME_START, BLOCK_TIME_END, TOTAL_BLOCKTIME in my Data Base, a TIME or ENUM?

I really hope you can help me to solve this as simple as possible, because I’m not a developer but I have some idea.

I use Dreamweaver CS5!

Cheers. Your Pilot :slight_smile:

Pretty sure with a TIMESTAMP you can just check teh differences with greater than / less than.

Hope this helps =]

Maybe you should hire a coder for your project.
You are not asking help, you are requesting a whole project.

many years ago i had my own ‘virtual airline’ complete with pireps etc. it was pretty cool while it lasted :’(
if you need a hand with any scripts, send me a PM we can discuss your needs etc…

Red. :wink:

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